The Psychology of Money: Your experiences do not explain the world | YouTube Short

I’m starting to re-post the Shorts that I’m making on the blog here with some extra thoughts. I want to build up a library of Shorts and get that rapid practice in with an audience.

For a couple years now I’ve taken for granted that I have some subscribers on YouTube. Still being under 1000 feels somewhat embarrassing when considering I’ve had the channel for 5 years now and actually have published something like 150+ videos at this point.

This is one of those times where I agree with two sides of an argument. I’ve published that many without building up a large audience. But I still believe the people who say, “Hey just do 100 videos and you’ll improve along the way and find an audience.”

Making a bunch of stuff is the only reliable way. I definitely learned a bunch of stuff and the main mistake I made is being inconsistent with it. If I stayed weekly then it’d be more like 250 videos by now and they’d be of better average quality.

In any case, it’s not too late.

This one has a book quote from Morgan Housel’s “The Psychology of Money” and how the sum of your personal experience with money is so small compared to the sum of everyone in the world’s experience. But your perspective toward money is something like 80% based on strictly your own personal experience.

This goes for a ton of stuff—I saw this most when learning to train Booster (my Labrador) as a puppy. Any advice online was pretty much “Oh I did this and it worked” or “Oh I did that and it didn’t work”. (Everything else is “Take your dog to the vet or likely they’ll be ded by morning.”)

And I noticed I’d then just latch on to whatever advice worked for someone else and then start moving toward that kind of training. Then I’d just start telling other people what worked for me.

The conclusion I’m trying to get at is—it took me forever to draw that eye animation so I was hoping this video would do better.