Reading Log: Pocket Full of Do

Update Feb 2021: Re-reading “Pocket Full of Do” so I made another video on one of the chapters about how you should read called “Read to Teach”.


I made this IGTV video last night1.  It’s about Chris Do’s book Pocket Full of Do.

Reading it made me want to go and make something.

To go and finish something.

Instead of planning and thinking and wanting to make something and making an outline of something and buying gear and shooting video that stays on an SD card for weeks or dictating text that I never edit and on and on.

If you enjoy the content from The Futur (YouTube), you’ll enjoy this book.

Some links I mentioned in this video (that I should also write about separately):

  • Chase Jarvis: Harmony > Balance with Jason Calacanis — I mentioned this because Pocket Full of Do has a chapter where Chris Do writes about his path through the agency world and his path teaching. He was able to combine them in The Futur to create something really fulfilling by spreading his knowledge of design and marketing to more people through educational content.
  • Here’s the quote I butchered in the video: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. —Maya Angelou
  1. Just remembered that I have the Todo page where I write down different small improvements that I should make to the site. I’ve always wanted to get proficient enough with WordPress that I could make medium-sized adjustments to the site. Definitely not there yet. It’d be great if I could present these IGTV posts differently so that the videos are to the left on the desktop. Probably not important for now.