Dune: 3 ways of learning

Lessons on learning from dune. There are some movie spoilers here. So this is a warning and also recommendation. Go see Dune.

Number one: if you want to learn, you can start with books.

Books capture information and knowledge from experts who have been studying these things for years, decades, centuries. In Dune, we see Paul learning from pretty much watching videos, listening to audio books.

Number two: learn from a teacher.

Paul has a bunch of different teachers. One of them is Thanos who comes in and teaches him hand-to-hand combat and how to use shields.

Number three: find someone that’s just a little bit ahead of you in whatever it is that you’re doing.

Duncan Idaho goes ahead of everyone else to Arrakis, finds the Fremen, lives with them, gains that experience, and then is able to share it with the Duke and Paul and the rest of them when they arrive on the planet.