Desk setup journal: Blue Compass, MacBook Air M1, , iPad Pro, Sony a6400

I’ll keep adding to this as I make more videos—an an upcoming podcast episode. I’ve been making a few more additions to my desk and recording some short videos for it.

The main thing I’m trying to do with the setup: remove friction.

First up:

  • Remove friction from drawing on my iPad
  • Remove friction from recording my drawing sessions

Added a Blue Compass microphone arm to hold my Sony a6400

I got a large desk and can now have dedicated space to have my iPad and camera setup for drawing sessions. The desk is a little too big—I went with a 72″ but would’ve been fine with the 60″. I also got a desk shelf to clean things up a bit.

The hope is that I can draw and record without fiddling with the camera setup every single time.

Got a video capture dongle to connect the a6400 directly to the MacBook Air M1

I’d often record a bunch and then wouldn’t go back through the videos, so I thought I’d make more videos if I connected things directly so anytime I recorded it’d be in the video editor already.


…since uploading this video: Not all experiments work and so far instead of fiddling with the SD card I fiddle with the cable and also need to have the MacBook Air and ScreenFlow on to record. I’ve moved the friction around instead of eliminating it.

I think the solution will be working on a better process for reviewing and renaming all the videos. (Or making shot lists for specific videos so I’m not just recording random things.)