iPad Pro Drawing Practice: Face 01 | Book: “Framed Ink” | Procreate Timelapse


I started doing some practice sessions by freehand copying from the book “Framed Ink” by Marcos Mateu-Mestre.

I mentioned a progression of drawing method for learning in a previous post. It was from a Delacroix exhibit. I’ll quote the exhibit description here:

Delacroix endorsed a three-step pedagogical method: beginning with tracing, progressing to freehand copying, and then drawing from memory.

As always, I’ve finally found some path to pursue with dedication for the next few years. For probably the 3rd time in the past couple weeks. Each path has been different. Today’s shiny idea is to just learn to draw and record that process over the next year.

(Last week’s idea: redo the blog and document that for a year. Week before that: rebuild the podcast and document that for a year. Week before that: retry daily Twitter threads. Week before that…)

What would really be worth doing: giving each a go for 30 days to try to sample before specializing. Actually getting to day 30 in any of them would be a good sign that it’s some mix of sustainable and enjoyable enough that I could pursue it for a year (and beyond).

  • I kick myself for not sticking with drawing because I think I could have improved quite a bit if I stuck with it from when I first got the iPad Pro
  • I kick myself for not sticking with podcasting because it’s just the most fun thing and the content that I would want to hold on to if it was all burning in a fire (none really have any size audience so that isn’t a factor)
  • I kick myself for not sticking with making videos because it’s the one that has some audience traction

And in all of them, I kick myself for buying courses specific to each without really applying the things.

I was comforted recently in the misery-loves-company way because I saw a few tweets where people share their list of unfinished courses. I actually thought I was the only one with such an extensive list.