21: Not Caring What Other People Think is a Superpower

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Sun’s up WHAT’S UP. Welcome to ANOTHER-ANOTHER-ANOTHER episode of Active Recall. We used to need an intro. Now we need a better intro. 

This week’s book is Not Caring What Other People think is a Superpower. Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore) can actually hit hard. He’s a boxer. He can hit hard with his words as well. I really enjoyed this book.

Ed’s site: https://edlatimore.com

The Knowledge Project: Ed Latimore (A better podcast that had Ed on as a guest)

  • Why you should practice gratitude like practicing a jab. Ed Latimore is a boxer. I’m guessing he’s throwing jabs daily. I was listening to The Talent Code and there’s a quote there from Yo-Yo Ma about practice. Skip a day and he can notice, 2 and his wife notices, 3 and the world will notice. Gratitudes can be similar. Think of things that make you grateful every day.
  • You can’t be angry and grateful at the same time. This makes it very concrete. When you feel anger and frustration building up, think about what you’re grateful for. It helps.
  • Why even the best boxers have coaches. In team sports, it’s clear to see that coaches focus on strategy and the players are focusing on tactics. You can go a long way by being great at the tactics. As you get higher and higher you need an understanding of strategy. Mike Tyson has one-punch power, but he needed a trainer day-in day-out to teach him how to get in range and land that shot. Whatever project you’re working on, do you have a way to know that your overall strategy is a good one?
  • Strategy and tactics are both important. Coaches cover the strategy and the players work on the tactics. This ties into the three models of practice. When using the music model or the sports model, you’re usually practicing tactics. With the chess model, you practice strategy. 
  • Warren Buffet’s 2-list strategy. Write down 25 things you’re working on. Circle the 5 most important. The other 20 are now your most challenging distractions, because you can justify working on them since there’s some good.
  • Why you need to have a plan (even after you’re punched in the face). The difference between a dream and a goal is knowing the steps in between. That’s planning. If you’re trying to be the single best boxer in the world, you know it will take genetics, luck, and a ton of hard work. The goal doesn’t always need to be “single best”. 

In two years, let’s say you want to be a full-time videographer. What steps do you need to follow? Who’s done it in that timeframe and what can you replicate from their success? 

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