66: “Quitter”

Book of the Week: “Quitter” by Jon Acuff

As Acuff suggests in “Quitter”, we will not be quitting our day jobs. A day job gives you flexibility with your passion:

Most of it would not have been possible without a day job that allowed me to duck the Dons, keep my no’s, stay dangerous, and stabilize my marriage.

Our plan was to do an episode for each of Jon Acuff’s books: Quitter, Do Over, Start, Finish. We started with Quitter (this episode) and Finish (next week’s episode)


  • “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”  by Cal Newport (book) — This is my favorite book about the topic of following your passion: mostly because it presents a good argument against the idea. It isn’t that it’s bad to be at a job you’re passionate about, but it can be bad to just blindly follow your passion expecting a career to appear out of nowhere.
  • “Money Dials: Why you spend the way you do” article by Ramit Sethi — We discussed Ramit’s concept of money dials. These are the things you’re happy to spend money on, while you cut costs on everything else. One of mine is books. One of Wally’s is videography equipment.
  • Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts)
  • Short Story Long: “#159 – Tim Grover | Relentless” (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher)
  • It’s about passion. We talk about both sides of the ‘follow your passion’ argument. We are both in a place doing work that we’re passionate about. It doesn’t mean there aren’t parts that don’t feel like work. There are also things we’re passionate about that we weren’t able to turn into careers.
  • We batched a couple episodes. We were going to try to get to 4 episodes. (One for each of Jon Acuff’s books: Quitter, Finish, Start, Do Over. We didn’t finish all 4 episodes, but we did finish two. So an episode is scheduled next week for Jon Acuff’s “Finish”