32: How to practice (according to games)

What follows isn’t quite a transcript. Just some notes from before the episode and during the episode.

The ever-changing, ever-evolving format

We’re trying something new. We’re going to try to have one theme going through the entire  podcast. I think we had a good thing going a couple episodes ago where we did (1) recommendations, (2) a book of the week, and (3) The Magic Window.

Last week we tried to do that again and it came off a little too random. The book of the week used to tie things together pretty well but we just couldn’t read that many books. Now we’ll try having a theme to tie things together.

We’re going to do recommendations but this time we’ll open it up beyond podcasts to videos or blog posts or whatever. We’re still going to do a book of the week. We’re still going to do The Magic Window. And we’re going to try to tie it to one theme.

The theme this week is practice.

Yes, AI, we’re talking about practice


I made a bunch of videos last week. A lot of them are about practice. I started to niche down into gaming life lessons. I’m kind of motivated by this because it’s fun to make. I also think that there’s an audience for it. This is that idea that I would be interested in it so there’s probably other people in the world that would be interested in it.

I’m going to try to make a bunch of these. I made this outline a long long time ago to try and write something very long. I might just try to make a bunch of videos as a rough draft.  We keep coming across this connection in different episodes. I made videos about a couple of the ideas that we talked about multiple times. I made a video about the whistle in Mario 3 and how you shouldn’t just skip through the entire middle part to jump to the end or else you’ll miss out on a lot of good things.

These will be my recommendations for the week. I made 3 videos about the models of practice so we can talk about that it. We actually talked about this awhile ago in one of the earlier episodes.

Going to group some of these videos together.

  • Street Fighter II: Life Lessons (Models of practice pt. 1 of 3)
  • Starcraft: Life Lessons (Models of practice pt. 2 of 3)
  • Counter-Strike: Life Lessons (Models of practice pt. 3 of 3)
  • Who are you practicing with? (Gaming life lessons)

Book club: The First 20 Hours

Again, the theme is practice. The book this week is actually a book we did an episode on the floor it is called the first 20 hours. We talked about different aspects of that book and that episode. Just talked about the 10 steps of Rapid skill acquisition. Mostly because I made a video about that also.

  • Rapid Skill Acquisition (Gaming Life Lessons)

Magic window: Do you remember the first time you practiced something? Were you applying the models of practice?

Wally: Prayers

Ces: Chess