Year Book by Seth Rogen

Book Notes

How to make pain fun (it already sort of is) #

Seth shares some advice from Mark Pooley:

There’s nothing less funny than hearing about the stuff you have fun doing. Fun isn’t funny. Comedy is pain. It’s struggle. So, when thinking of what to write about, don’t ask yourself, “What’s funny to me?” Ask yourself, “What bothers me? What frustrates me? What do I wish I could change? What can I just not fucking stand?!”

This reminds me of something similar that Seinfeld told Tim Ferriss: he’s just constantly annoyed.

Some comedians fear getting older, growing up, mellowing out. Less to be annoyed about.

Nah uh. Not for Seinfeld.

As long as he has a family there will always be new and evolving things to be annoyed about.

Which can be very valuable for a comedian.